Can Sun Tan Cream Stop The Clock?

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Cosmetic claims are the worst for promoting negative stereotypes of ageing. One of which is ‘Can Sun Tan Cream Stop The Clock?

Will sun tan cream stop me from getting older? People rightly object to ageism like any other prejudice – pre-judging according to age. Ageism is the assumption that:

a) Age-ing means something unattractive is happening to me as I get older.

b) That by doing, or not doing something I can stop it.

At some stage somebody is going to say ‘Don’t do X – it’s ageing’. Like my next birthday will come quicker if I do this thing? Cosmetic claims are the worst for promoting negative stereotypes of ageing.

Look at this nicely packaged Lacura hydrating sun spray.

brown 15 SPF sun tan lotion bottle with gold writing

It says “protects against long term skin ageing” Like how? Ageing means getting older. Will one squeeze fix the calendar? Abolish birthdays? No! My skin will get older along with me of course. Lacura can prevent the sun from making my skin look wrinkly.

OK but why is looking wrinkly confused here with ageing? And this is the trouble all round. Here is another image in the Body Shop window in George Street Brighton. “Drops of Youth”? In a bottle?

green bottle of suntan lotion in shop window

Here are sun filter lotions. I’ve graded them according to ethical claims, Spa Magik and Bioderma – top. They prove that it’s not necessary to say ‘anti ageing’ on a sun lotion to make me want to buy it.

Two orange bottles of SPF sun tan lotion

Eucarin mmm….? It has the claim Anti-Age big. Smaller underneath it’s defined as “UV-induced ageing.” A little better but still assuming I get ‘aged’ from the sun. (I get aged from the calendar not the sun)

White bottle of 30 SPF sun tan lotion

The dictionary definition of ageing is interesting too. This comes up first today on an internet search:

Ageing or aging (see spelling differences) is the process of becoming older. … In humans, ageing represents the accumulation of changes in a human being over time and can encompass physical, psychological, and social changes.”

Ageing is “Changes over time”…

Lets stop mixing up the negative effects of more or less anything, with me looking 40 years old when I’m actually 30 years old etc.

I will go along with things that say my health will deteriorate and so I’ll die quicker (so age faster) if I continue to e.g.:

  • sit around
  • stress out
  • eat ultra-processed food

I won’t go along with things that tell me I’ll age in the sense of acting or looking ‘old’ if I:

  • wear skinnies when I should be in flares.
  • go grey
  • use full stops in a text (age give away?)

If I look frumpy and wrinkled – that’s what I look like, not ‘old’. If I use ‘Drops of Youth’ on my face I’m not going to go back to my baby pushchair. I hope the ‘Drops of Youth’ may make me look fresh, lively, healthy but not ‘young’.

Obviously Sun Tan cream SPF can stop wrinkles from sun exposure but it won’t stop me getting older.

Please send me the worst claims you can find and the best.

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