How my house plants talk to me

house plant growing in glass sphere

In this article, Shula ponders ‘How my house plants talk to me’.

I prefer indoor nature to walking around in the open air. Sometimes I have to be firm with people that I have a right not to like the outdoors.

I often find the outdoors physically uncomfortable. In the winter it’s cold. In the summer, I get concerned for my skin when it’s too hot.

My ideal, is the sort of weather that, if it were warm water, would be the right temperature for a baby’s bath.

Just once – I found this in Bangkok.

As I spend more time indoors, the house plants inspire me with determination, creativity, and communication.

They send me messages. When their leaves turn down, they’re asking for water.

Look at the two plants by the window. There’s a mauvy-green leaf plant stretching out to the one flower that’s left on a yellow begonia.

You can see they’re in a relationship.

mauvy-green leaf house plant stretching out to yellow begonia
These two plants are in a relationship – this is how they grew

I can see this plant in the corner by the mantel piece looking out of its alcove for light from the balcony. This is my Pneumonia plant (because Maher gave it to me two years ago when I was so ill). A determined plant.

Green Peace lilly with pink heart shape flowers
This has been in my sitting room for two years. It reaches round towards the light

This plant in the glass apple as you can see from the first photo used to be contained in the apple. Lately I watered it with tea and it’s burst out of the hole in the apple. See the strength in it.

house plant growing out of glass sphere pot
This is growing out of its bottle and reaching up and out – just happened in lockdown

The big thing about my plants is that they talk to me rather than me talking to them.

They say to me – “come on, get on with it, look at us – if we can do it so can you”.

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