Malar bags and how I got rid of mine

Malar bags and how I got rid of mine.

In this article, I look at malar bags and how I got rid of mine. Malar bags are the hangy eye bags to the side of under-eye bags. They have variations called festoons. You can guess what they look like. The name compares them to curtains.

When I looked in the mirror (image below from 2014), I thought my eye bags made me look tired and lop-sided. This made me self-conscious – not wanting to be seen without glasses to hide them.

On my YouTube channel, I’ve more views on Malars than any other video, to date – 61,000. The second image is of me this year 2021. I have had filler on my frown lines – nothing but an application of common sense on my eye bags !

The eye bags upset me so much, also giving me an ethical problem. I believe in showing us like we are – no editing – and here’s me not taking off my glasses in case my eye bags showed.

On the right of my face was a thing like a worm crawling across my face towards the corner of my eye.

Shula Rich malar bags

As you’ve seen in the video:

  • I stopped all eye creams and oils.
  • I used rose water to skim off any oil that crept up from my cheeks.
  • I did some face exercises and face and neck massage.
  • I learned to sleep on my back. This changed my life. (I invented my patented sleep system Waking Beauty as a result)
  • I tried to stop eating before I went to bed. (I said tried – not necessarily succeeded)
  • I tried, if I did eat – not to eat curry or salty stuff and to drink sufficient water for me

I know what I see in the mirror is a one-dimensional view of me. In life, I’m seen as three-dimensional. What I hate in my reflection may not either show to others or affect what people think of me when I’m opposite them.

Also, an eye bag can show more in different lights – here are two images of me – one with under eye bags – one without – same day, same time – different light.


Now I’m generally free of the bags as you can see – though they turn up sometimes – because everything isn’t always perfect. If I see an under-eye or malar bag in the mirror, I don’t dab stuff on them or use any make-up. For me, it makes them worse. instead, I do one or both of these –

A fringe:

Here’s an image of my fringe disguise – I can still see:)


Here are my favourite glasses in 2014, also a brilliant disguise and ‘cheerer upper’. So what about the bags! These glasses cut right across!


There is a lot of info on what to do about Malar and under-eye bags. Generally, they’re considered really difficult to get rid of – and bearing in mind the causes, can return for different reasons. Sometimes, they are a consequence of medical treatment. People with facial oedema (fluid swelling) as a result of a medical condition should have been advised on helpful procedures. If not – ask.

If possibly you’ve been thinking yours is a cosmetic issue, please check first to see if there is no medical condition present. Take advice from a dermatologist or doctor.

My best advice came from my dermatologist…

Do anything she says that gets the face moving.

I’m planning to make a video in the next month on the face movements and massage that I’ve been doing that’s helped so much. These are not the usual facial exercises – they are clever quick, and efficient. And I thank the Lymphodema Society for introducing me to them.

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