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I decided in my 20’s to bypass chronological age. In Natural Beauty Brains, I’m writing about what works for me. I’m also fighting Ageism, a prejudice so huge it’s become invisible. ‘Age’ affects you and me differently. Despite this, I still read things like ‘in your twenties …’ and ‘in your forties …’, which attach expectations to an age group. Usually expectations of saggy skin, social invisibility, and stretchy waistbands.

Different stuff is recommended for different ages. But this is actually ridiculous when you think about it. Logically you and I will look and behave differently, whatever our common age, because we’re individuals, each of us at our own life stages. The ‘Natural’ in Beauty Brains is about being our natural selves as we genuinely want to be, not as people expect of us. 

To me, it’s natural to enjoy my business; to buy clothes I love, forgetting ‘age’ ; to stay physically strong; and to keep campaigning. See my website; also to keep inventing products which simplify looking good. I know not everyone will agree and prefer to be age-appropriate. This is my choice and my belief in the age of continuity.

Shula Rich

A Brief History

Natural Beauty Brains is about using my brains for beauty . I’m not just one thing – a sociologist, a scientist, a content creator, a leasehold expert, an inventor, a beauty brainer. I’m all of these.

My future depends on me.

I’m an age that amazes me – 74:). Since I was 20 and got to my goal weight with Weight Watchers I’ve proved to myself how much my future depends on me. To see me now you wouldn’t believe I was the 12 year old that hid behind a pillar in gym. Self care:

  • exercise,
  • natural nutrition,
  • natural skin care
  • Living in the present

I have made it possible for me to by-pass age and its stereotypes.

The Inventor – when I started waking up with sleep wrinkles on the side I slept and saw my 93 year old mother fresher faced than me, I invented ‘Waking Beauty’ Sleep System. I saw the sleep wrinkles disappear. My sleep system has been granted a UK patent and patents in the USA, China, and Japan. When we tested the sleep system so many people also commented that it helped to adjust their sleep position and relieve back and neck pain.

I’m so happy. NBB has been set up to share my beauty brains with you – simple hacks which over the years have kept me connected, fun loving and able to be present in the present. I started this blog at 71 – D.O.B 1947. I see my life as continuous not a series of stops and starts whilst I change direction consistent with my age. I’ve learned so much about keeping fit and looking good that’s simple quick and easy. Even easier because I started when I was in my 20’s. Forget the concept of ‘ageing’. In my 20’s I said three things to myself… I can stay looking good if I want. I can be as strong as a guy if I want.

Life will stay as good as I can make it – if I try.

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