My year of home workouts

Woman sat on exercise bench in home hallway

When the gym shut down, I was afraid of losing my muscles.

In this article, I’m looking back to lockdown and my year of home workouts.

I’ve worked on my muscles since I was 20 so giving it up for lockdown isn’t on.

In London, at LSE I joined a tough-looking gym in Marble Arch; bought iron boots and home weights and never used either. Then, I wanted to show women can be as strong as men. I watched the guys and copied them. Doing their style squats I got myself thighs bigger than I wanted, but I did it.

woman suspended on pilates training frame
Ocean wave Pilates class in Hove
back of woman wearing blue and pink sports tops

I disagree that being ‘older’ means getting weaker. It’s a lack of activity. I’m Zoom training three times a week in lockdown, and I’m lifting more every week.

woman sat on exercise bench surrounded by exercise equipment in her hallway
Set up in the hall so I can exercise at odd minutes. (Driving gloves – £1.00 in Poundland, Top – M&S cut off the waist. Bra – Sloggi TKMAX Sale. Leggings – Sweaty Betty. Love them all!) Even without the weights – I can do most things with the rubber bands (£17.00) on my door

As long as I’m healthy I plan to get stronger over time. Three x forty minutes isn’t much when you consider how much other time I spend just sitting.

Home workouts do not beat doing a bench press to gym music at Cheethas, or suspending from the Reformer at Ocean Wave but it works for now with simple equipment and means I can do even more when lockdown’s over.

woman about to start a  workout on her exercise bench in her hallway

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