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My quick and simple hack to get perfect brows every time! Get your free powerful brows hack here.

Do you find eyebrows time-consuming? Do they never come out quite as you want? The same happened to me.

Now I’ve got them right, I want to share them with you. What’s the use of knowledge if you can’t benefit someone else?


Includes embedded tutorials & recommends products to use for all types of brows.

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Powerful eyebrows really make a difference. I’ve found quick, simple, effective ways of doing them. I’ve heard people say that:

  1. They take too long’. – I’ve found how to do them quicker.
  2. Or ‘they’re too difficult to do’. – I’ve found how to do them easier.
  3. Or ‘I dread doing them I’m going to have them microbladed’ – Not for me.

The drawback to microblading is that I could be stuck with the same expression so I couldn’t show how I’m feeling. The problem in not doing them is fade-out-face. I’m really happy when people say: “I like your eyebrows” and even better “How d’you do them?” So I thought I’d share my go-to eyebrow hacks to achieving the perfect ‘powerful brow’ every time. I like a determined look (most of the time). Sometimes an arch to be more ‘grown-up’ looking. A look back at the fifties by extending them at the side. I’m trying to get the new lighter ‘hairs-up-at-centre’ look that’s trending. I’ve not managed it yet. I’m growing the inner bits upward so you’ll see when I get there.

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Friends sometimes call me lastminute.com I can lie in bed watching the clock go and calling at Alexa – “Alexa time two minutes”

Even when I’m in reform mode, trying to be in good time I always seem to have about 12 minutes left to get ready, so I’ve been forced into finding double quick ways to successful eyebrows.

I never thought I’d be the kind of person that ‘wont go out without…etc.’ but my thing is just eyebrows – the rest can wait.

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