Smiling makes me a happier person

portraits of sad expression and happy expression

Smiling makes me a happier person so I smile as much as I can – even on the computer (when I look up at the mirror and remember). When I get expression lines they’ll be happy lines.

I actually keep a mirror by my desktop computer. It’s some company when I work on my own and I can also check my expression in it. See the photo  of my desk mirror in How to avoid Tech Neck

I sometimes have an ‘I dunno/lets wait and see’ expression too – but that makes downward lines.

The effect of smiling has been widely reported in the UK papers.

I’ve always believed it had an effect before I read the research and always smiled as much as possible for two reasons:

(1) Any regular expression will form facial lines. If I smile my expression lines will be happy lines, not sad lines.

(2) I also believe that smiling even for basic daylight and breathing, actually makes me a happier person. It’s a feedback effect.

The research on smiling that I mentioned was a meta analysis of 138 pieces of research.

The Study is called “The effect of facial feedback on emotional experience”   It summarised:

“A half centuries worth of experimental findings does provide considerable evidence that smiles, frowns, scowls and other facial movements can affect emotional experience in a variety of scenarios.“

The research doesn’t indicate why the smile affects my emotions.

I think it’s because other people react better to smiley people.

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