Sun Spots – Red Veins & White Heads

Shla Rich showing sun spot treatment

Sun Spots – Red Veins & White Heads. What happens when I get them lasered? I went to Dr. Emerson at Brighton Laser and Skin Clinics.

This is not an ad for the Clinic as you’ll know.  I’m writing about it because I had a great time and a good result.

Sun spots are called liver spots – I don’t know why – possibly because they are brown and my liver is also a brown colour?

On some people they can spread to 20mm or more, usually round the side of the face. I don’t think they bother everyone as I see many people just let them go.

My sun spots were depressing me, so I decided to get them lasered away. I’m told that Lasers in untrained hands can harm the skin, so I was very careful who I consulted.  I went to Dr. Emerson because a friend of mine went, and says they are wonderful, and because she’s also a doctor  She’s kind and understanding and doesn’t talk down even a 1 mm brown spot. The one on the end of my nose was probably half a mm but she found and pinged it off with a smile.

First the Emla cream goes on to blunt any pain. Then I got on a couch with eye shields and the laser machine pinged at the brown spots like an elastic band. It’s not painful. After a few days they develop a little crust and fall off.

With the sun spots treated, different Lasers could also do red veins and white heads at the same time. The two white heads had their heads chopped off  with a sort of skin fryer.  Afterwards they looked like little craters.They’ve taken  longer to go. You can see crater mark between my eyebrows  but Touch Eclat  disguise cream fills it in. The crater’s gone now – about 10 days later

The red veins round my nose had a laser that felt like a cool wind. They disappeared almost right away

Laser treatment is also supposed to ‘stimulate the collagen’. I asked Dr Emerson if she had ever actually seen any collagen being stimulated. She hadn’t. I can’t find any pictures of it either.

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