Why I like thicker eyebrows & how I grew them

portrait of woman smiling

In this article, Shula thinks about ‘Thicker eyebrows and how I grew them’. Some people, men and women, older and younger, have thinning eyebrows. I like very heavy-defined eyebrows because they’re on trend and they suit me.

Yes – I want thick and thicker eyebrows! Yes – I actually grew them! Did I use any of the grow-your-own brow stuff on sale? No – I didn’t. I used a mixture of Minoxidil and Alfatradiol. These are not recommended for eyebrows. They are recommended for the hair on my head – but hair coming out of my skin is all the same to me, and I’ve had great success with it.

The reasons they are not recommended for eyebrows are:

(1) I might get it in my eyes and blame the person who recommended it.

(2) It’s not been tested on eyebrows in formal peer-review research, so there is no body of evidence.

This doesn’t mean to say it won’t work or that it’s dangerous; it’s just that I can’t recommend it except to say I’m happy with it and I love it – here’s an image of my eyebrows and here’s a link to my video on it.

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