Why do my house plants grow SO well

detail of green leaved houseplant positioned near window

Tips & Tricks to help your plants grow in the winter months

In this article, Shula discusses ‘Why do my house plants grow SO well’

My most important tip is: I always water my house plants from the bottom.

I didn’t understand why it worked so well until ‘Gardeners Question Time’ caught me before I turned it off. They explained that the roots of the plant need water, not the earth.

green leafed plant with new baby leaf growing alongside
Watered from the bottom, this plant is nearly 45 years old

So if you put the water in a dish under a plant, the roots will reach down to get to the water. The leaf actually creates roots which have to grow down for the plant to live or the leaf withers. Now I listen to GQT.

baby leaf plant growing in pot next to parent houseplant
I grew this from just a leaf

It’s the same to grow a plant from a leaf. You can see from the pictures here that there’s a small leaf growing. I planted this as a just a leaf, poking its end into the soil.

If you plant a leaf in some soil and water from a dish below the leaf forms roots to get to the water and becomes a plant.

If you water from above it can rot the plant before it sinks through the soil.

My plants recently reached awesome when I decided to keep used tea leaves.

I filled the teapot with more water. I watered the plants with teapot water then spooned out some loose tea leaves into the dish under the plants. The dish is up cycled packaging from my take away lunch at the Organic Store in Church Road Hove.

dish full of used tea leaves

Plants have become even more important to me in lock down.

They say to me – “If we can do it, you can do it”.

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